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Protected: Camping……in Brooklyn

Posted in Camping, Family Protected by Andrew Spender on June 13, 2010

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Grimaldi’s, DUMBO

Posted in NYC by Andrew Spender on May 8, 2010

No, it’s not an insult. Grimaldi’s, DUMBO (down under Manhattan bridge overpass), is arguably the best pizza in New York. Located almost directly underneath the Brooklyn Bridge and a pleasant walk over it from City Hall in Manhattan, it’s in a fairly scrubby – or ‘authentic’ in real estate agent parlance – part of the city. It’s easy to find because there’s usually a 100 person-plus line outside the door. Inside, the restaurant is adorned by photos of the rich and famous who swear by the Grimaldi’s Margarita, like Mayor Bloomberg, and it really is worth the wait. The 100 year old coal-fired oven charcoals the thin crust and the fresh mozzarella / parmesan combo bubbles deliciously into the rich, fresh tomato sauce to create the pizza tri-fector; crispy, cheesy and tomatoey without being gooey. Yum.

Here’s a picture of the man himself taking a slug of coffee as he manages the long line for the restaurant.

Watching the line grow longer

Watching the line grow longer

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Star Wars and Waffles In Brooklyn

Posted in NYC by Andrew Spender on October 13, 2009

We spent the afternoon in Brooklyn last weekend on the hunt for Stars Wars for B. It was our first wander around the fancy Park Slope (funny story about it here) neighborhood and, in particular, Prospect Park. The saying goes that Park Slope is where all the real New Yorkers now live after up and leaving Manhattan. I’m not sure how true that really is, but it really is a lovely place. It reminded us a lot of Morningside in Edinburgh. And anyone who knows me, knows that Edinburgh is my favorite city in the whole-wide-world.

Yup, I was kinda taken with Brooklyn, and it wasn’t just the allure of the the Waffles & Dinges truck or the vast expanse to play in Prospect Park.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

The Waffles & Dinges truck is the KING. If you’re in the city, follow them on Twitter to find out where they are each day and then brace yourself for a lifelong addition that may add a few inches to your waistline.

Waffles & Dinges Truck

Waffles & Dinges Truck