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The Shake Shack

Posted in NYC by Andrew Spender on August 17, 2009

I love burgers. There. I said it. I feel better now it’s out in the open. In fact, to be more precise, I lurve burgers . I know they’re not gourmet or the super-food of the moment, and sure they add a few pounds to the waistline, but boy they taste good. Well, if you go to the right places they do.

I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying some pretty good burgers in my 8 years of living in and visiting Manhattan. Paul’s on 2nd Avenue has remained a consistently superb standard in my humble opinion. I could go on, such as my love for Island Burgers and Shakes in Hells Kitchen, but there are plenty of great Web sites that do a better job of rating the best burgers in the city, such as the “Burger of the Month” blog. But for a beefy, juicy, meltin’ cheezy, gooey, scrumptious burger in Gramercy, The Shake Shack is very hard to beat.

Every day, the line for these tasty beauties is huge; I’m guessing a couple of hundred people are there at most times of the day and night. It’s legendary for it’s long line. In fact, it’s a key part of their design on the Web site! New Yorkers (and clued up tourists) wait patiently for their turn to order, fixated on the little metal building that glistens under the dappled light of trees in full blossom in the heart of Madison Square Park. Sorry to pathetically romanticize a burger…. but yes, it is THAT good. And the kicker?  It’s only 2 blocks from our apartment. Hallelujah.

In a word: GO.

The Shake Shack, Madison Square Park
The Shake Shack, Madison Square Park

The view of Empire State is magnificent from Madison Square Park. The Flat Iron building is on the corner of the park too.

Empire State Building as seen from Madison Square Park

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